"How to plan your next New Zealand holiday…with a purpose!"

by John Spark on May 3, 2012

View from Nelson Harbour

A fresh fall of snow on Mt Authur-"Lord Of The Rings" Country

It is Friday arvo and very hot outside…like 39 plus.

Not your usual Albany day.

Thankfully my aircon is working.

I have resisted posting this post for 3 days now…

Not anymore!

You see I have been wrestling with how to talk to you no matter whether you are a first time or  a repeat traveller to New Zealand.

My goal is that you immediately see value for yourself.

After all that is why you are here isn’t?

Originally I was just going to cover in detail each of the questions I use when helping people with travel planning.

That was until I read what I thought I was going share to a couple of my colleagues.

They made some suggestions…I listened.

There’s got to be a better way!!!

So what is the best way in the world…

The best real way to…



  • No matter if this is your first trip or your 10th…
  • No matter if you hire a car,motor home or take a coach holiday…
  • No matter if you are limited or have unlimited time
  • No matter if your budget is tight or bulging.

Wow! Can you you really cover all this with what I am about to show you?

Even if you are not interested in New Zealand?


I’ve helped more people than I care to count (people just like you) to come back as raving fans after what they experienced while in New Zealand…the results speak for themselves.

And today, I am going to start a journey for you that is dear to my heart and could quiet literally be life changing  for you…


No way…

That’s not for us!

Now before I go any further, let’s define “Purpose Travel”

For simplicity sake – we’ll define purpose travel thinking as a way of getting much more than a holiday experience. This is a mindset for travelling that will make a difference in your life and to the people you come in contact with…no matter when or where!

You might want to read that again…it says much more than it looks.

Of course we could expand that definition…and we probably will in future posts-but for now this will do.

So, lets begin…

I promise you I will be do my utmost to make this interesting and exciting on how you can…


In other words, you can now start to consider what other wonderful and powerful ways travel will serve you and your family.


You can still have a great holiday, but now it is possible with the right mindset and some thoughtful planning to add with minimal effort a life changing experience.

You may need to consider this just a bit…after all few people ever actively plan travel in this way. I actually think it is thought about much more than we let on. We just don’t plan for it.

So that’s what we are going to do…

More specifically I am going to show you why it’s so much more rewarding to…


Yep, you read that correctly…

And the good news it is easy to do with a little thought.

You just have know where to start and that is what I will show you.

But first…

And I am aware this is getting a little long…

So what I would like to do is to finish off today and leave you with a question we always ask our audience  at each of our in office presentation evenings:

What difference can travel make to…

  • Your life?
  • Your Family?
  • How you are with your friends on your return?
  • Your appreciation of others culture?
  • Your ability to communicate more effectively
  • Your own personal growth?

While you quietly ponder these question…think back to past travel and recall how perhaps one or all the above may have been impacted positively or negatively.

You will be surprised at how in fact the negative experiences…were possibly the most powerful.

I will be covering this in much more detail as we move forward in the coming weeks.

On my next post I will share a personal story to better illustrate what I mean…

Along with all important first question you absolutely MUST ask.

The temperature is dropping and Nilla is hurrying me along.

Remember to comment as I am sure a dialogue will be more powerful than a monalogue in serving us all.

I have a confession…it is now Sunday evening 10.55 pm… not Friday night.

Yup I have not pushed the publish button as I read and reread this just to make sure I am saying what I want in a way that can be very useful to you…I certianly hope I am.

Tomorrow I start on part 2…so stand by to learn some  things about travel planning you will not only be able to put use with a New Zealand Holiday…but any holiday for that matter.


So until next time…

enjoy all things good.

John C Spark

Expert Travel Planner

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