Meet Your Travel Planners’ Team

Your Travel Planners Team

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Nilla Spark

Nilla Spark, Founder

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Nilla started travelling when she was 19 on her own, something that a young Italian girl shouldn’t have done, well she did…and hasn’t stopped 36 years later. Continue here and read her story and love for travel…





John Spark

John C. Spark, Expert Travel Planner


The greatest lesson travel has taught me over the years and what is now my mission to share…is that travel is perhaps the best form of education possible.

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Kelly Spinks,

Expert Travel Planner

Kelly has been in the Travel Industry for the past 13 years in which that time she has travelled to every continent.

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Her love affair with travel, started way back when she was growing up. Her and her sister would play Tourist Beuro’s, stamping brochures and pretending to book out and create invoices with her dad’s old books.

Her passion for travel has taken her and her partner Brett to some of the most exotic, unusual, pristine, exciting, inspiring and fun places through-out the world. Discover more about Kelly’s expertise here…

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